About Me


I have been thinking if I should stick to my current job or should I move away. I have been in the news industry, working as the news scheduler team and it is getting tougher and tougher to keep my job as nowadays, as social medias and smart phones being very accessible to everyone, because it makes my job looks redundant since news spread faster than I can schedule to publish.

I have been told to explore new possibilities and a faster way to distribute news. Hence, I start this website to start exploring new possibilities.

Personal Life

I am Fedrick (a nickname), and I have been a news scheduler for nearly 7 years. I am into food and working out. I work usually til late midnight and once in a while the team hangs out to have dinner together. Below is one of the typical dish I always eat. Meat and vegetables and fried beansprout.

Whenever I had food that contains dairy products, I will not feel so good and will head to the toilet every now and then. So I can hardly eat fast food like burger and pizzas because they contain cheese.

I stay in a rental apartment most of the time except during the weekend where I do not work long hours.

During the weekend I spend most of my time with my family or just go to places to explore.

On the left is my apartment block.