Whether you are a foodie or simply looking for some new food to try, Armenian food is worth checking out. It is full of rich traditions, ancient history, and beautiful scenery. The food can be quite strange, but it’s certainly delicious. You can even try dishes that involve new textures and flavors.

Ishkhan is a traditional Armenian dish

Among the many traditional Armenian food, ishkhan is one of the most popular. This fish, which comes from Lake Sevan, is a meaty fish that is very tasty when cooked according to traditional recipes. The most common method of cooking ishkhan is braising the fish in wine. Other methods include frying or baking it in parchment paper. It is usually served with a side dish of fresh vegetables. One of the most popular places to eat this traditional Armenian dish is on the shores of Lake Sevan.

Khorovats is a grilled vegetable salad

Khorovats, which literally means “grilled vegetables,” was first created in prehistoric times. It was refined in the Caucasus, the Middle East, and Central Asia, but it reached its pinnacle in Armenia. The meat in khorovats should be quite large, around two to three centimeters thick. To ensure that the meat is tender, the locals cut it on the bone.

Ghapama is a mildly sweet dessert

Ghapama is a traditional dish with a ritual history. This mildly sweet Armenian dish is traditionally made on the New Year. In Armenian culture, the empty pumpkin is a symbol of the past year’s harvest and all the good that the Armenian family has received during the year. This dish is traditionally made with sweet pumpkins that are round or orange.

Zhingalovi glkharkner is a fired flatbread from Artsakh

Zhingalovi glkharakner is a vegan-friendly fire-roasted flatbread from Artsakh in the South-East of Armenia. The dough is made of flour and filled with seasonal greens. These fire-roasted flatbreads take only five minutes to cook.

Basturma is an air-dried cured beef Basturma is a popular air-dried beef dish in Armenia. Its savory taste is similar to cecina and bresaola, but with a spicier kick. It is served with lavash bread and can be mixed with scrambled eggs or bland vegetables. Best Armenian Dinner

If you’re on a trip to Armenia, one of the best things you can do is to enjoy their food. Whether you’re a fan of traditional Armenian cuisine or not, there are some classic dishes that you’re bound to enjoy. One of the most popular dishes is the eggplant roll, or Etch’. It is served with yogurt and a variety of vegetables. Manti is another favorite, and it is served with tomato sauce. It is a triangular dough piece shaped like a tail of a white bean.

The portions here are enormous, so you’ll need to plan your meal accordingly. The Armenian restaurant Old Gyumri in Glendale, California, is a good option for a large group. They have semi-private rooms and a sprawling patio for large groups. The restaurant is also unique in terms of its physical space.

Best Armenian Dessert

If you’re in the mood for a sweet treat, you might be wondering what the best Armenian dessert is at an Armenian restaurant. If you want something rich and decadent, try an Armenian nutmeg cake. The cake has a rich flavor and resembles a piece of burnt cornbread. The topping is a mixture of dried fruits and sugar. It’s a popular dessert in Armenia and Russia.

In addition to fruit, Armenians also enjoy walnut jam. This delicious preserve is known as popoki murhaba in the country. These small walnuts are picked green and preserved in a sugar and water syrup. The result is a sweet, syrupy dessert that is usually served with a cup of hot black tea


You should also try t’an, which is fermented milk. The consistency of this sweet dessert is close to that of yogurt. It is delicious and has medicinal properties. You can get it from street vendors in Armenia.

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